Mindfulness for Creativity – 2 hr phone retreat – May 12, 2017


This is more of a notice of an upcoming “MINDFULNESS for CREATIVITY”  2-hour PHONE RETREAT that I will be leading for Shinzen Young’s Home Practice Program on Friday, MAY 12 – from 5-7pm PST.  

The cost is a mere $10, and we will be exploring techniques, tools and strategies for indfully cultivating and encouraging the creative process. If you have a particular project, issue, situation or relationship to which you would like to apply some creative thought, have that handy. You may end up working  with more than one.

REGISTRATION ENDS on MAY 10th – and it is open to all, regardless of meditation experience.

For MORE INFO or TO REGISTER: http://homepracticeprogram.com/  PRESS: “UPCOMING PROGRAMS”

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