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So during a private session this week (which we did via FaceTime as my client is across the country), I guided a meditation that I ended up listening to again because I had to fix a sound issue.

During the course of listening to it, I found it to be a lovely “workout” – starting with a nice body relaxation/flow – then adding a place for the mind to rest – then moving awareness to outside of the body into “Sound Space” and back. There is alot of tuning into flow and a “softening” of hard edges which is nice, I think.

It ends with adding positive thoughts & feelings – before the always-welcome “Do Nothing” practice at the end.

I decided to share this meditation with you all. Please excuse the extra sounds because I used the mic on my computer’s camera instead of my headset and it picked up ambient noise here – like workers outside and my dog coughing – but I think the journey of the meditation will be worth it.

You can cut & paste the link below, or go to the menu above and under “GUIDED MEDITATIONS – MP3” – it will be one called “NICE GUIDED MEDITATION” (because I simply couldn’t come up with a name that covered all the places it goes in 34 minutes.) You can download it or stream.




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  1. Amarok says:

    Thank you, so much for sharing this treasure. The true value is not only in the wonderful useful guidance you present – more so that it comes straight from generosity of you heart. For me that makes it most effective.

    May the same generosity and love flow back to you from the universal heart of Omnipresence.


    • Yvonne says:

      Amarok, you are so “right on”. Steph teaches and shares from the generosity of her heart and indeed that does make it most effective. If anyone cares to check out her youtube channel and everything on her blog and site they can feel and see that generosity.


  2. Yvonne says:

    Steph has many meditations on her youtube channel. I am not sure why I never did this one, although I have commented on youtube about it. But this morning I used this as my meditation. If you really are wanting to go into this practice, this 45 minute video will do the trick. If you are new this will be great and if you arenot this will be great!

    I feel like I had a bath of clarity and I saw so clearly while focusing on the “thought space” and thinking negative, positive etc how the body followed with “feelings”. Sure nothing new, but today there was a “groking” of it that I feel is going to help me so much in my day to day life.

    Anyway, I just had to share this. Oh…here is the link for the video
    It is 45 minutes but it felt more like 15 minutes..

    GUIDED MEDITATION: “The TALK-FEEL Connection” ~ Stephanie

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