> Thanks again for the tip on how to meditate.  I'm trying, but one thing that I
> did not mention is that I'm so ADD I could get lost in a closet.  I'll have to
> try harder I suppose.

Concentration is a muscle that can be developed.  When I saw a TV commercial for Adult ADD, I said to a friend, “That’s what my mind was like before meditaiton.”  (Although let me say here that this is no claim as to what the nature of ADD is, nor do I claim to be any kind of expert about ADD. I'm addressing our ability to focus and where the line is with ADD is for others to determine, not me.)

I do think, though, as a culture, we do not teach our children how to focus their minds, and if you let an animal run wild all it’s life, it’s harder to tame when it’s a powerful adult. The habit pattern of thought & behavior is so ingrained.

And so our minds have been given free reign to play & terrorize. Thus the initial attempts, like those of learning any skill, are going to require some effort, but the pay-off is priceless and affects everything you do in your life. There is nothing that you do that does not require some concentration skill. So by increasing or strengthening that 'muscle', you can help facilitate whatever or however you want to manifest It's an endeavor that pays off many-fold.