Q: I am relatively new to meditation, but very interested in learning more. I'm planning on coming to your class in 3 weeks. M

Steph: Sounds good.

In the meantime, (not knowing how much you’ve tried & of what kind of meditation ) then, I will encourage you to find a space in your home – no matter how tiny – that is allocated to sitting quietly – preferably not at a desk or where you work or socialize (if you haven’t already done this) and give yourself 10 minutes a day.  More is fine, too.

And just sit with eyes closed, let the body settle and the spine be balanced and support you.  I wrote an article about the physical part of sitting that may be helpful for you:  http://www.nasharts.com/POSTURE_PEDIA.pdf    But just sitting comfortably in a chair is good too (and infinitely better than not doing this at all.)

And tune into what it physically feels like to sit there.  The most common practice is of watching the breath.  

You could watch/feel the breath coming and going out of the body. Allowing the expansion & contraction to be a massage of sorts.  And whenever the mind wanders off into thought (past/future) - use the breath, the physical sensation of breathing to be what you bring your awareness back to.

I’ll be teaching other ways of doing it and don’t usually teach much breath meditation in my classes since the majority of methodologies use it and thus I like to contribute what isn’t being done elsewhere (especially that which I find to be particularly pivotal or helpful to the process of using meditation to help us have more freedom and ease in our lives.)

I look forward to sharing some more of the practice with you in my class.
I’ll be sending out more info about the class this weekend.
Hope this is helpful.

Q: You are very generous to take the time to write all of that. I look forward to meeting you.

Best regards,