"The 10 Minute Chill"
a guided meditation distilled from
Shinzen Young's "Rest States"

helps the Mind stop or slow down
and the Body get more Relaxed.

$10 /CD
includes S&H

"On the Hill"
guided meditation and exploration
of 'being in ceremony' as a way of
exploring & enjoying Presence.

$10 /CD
includes S&H

"A White Woman on the Red Road"
true-story performance of a show
about doing a Native American Vision Quest
(4 days with no food or water alone on a hill.)
"White Woman..."
$20 /DVD
includes S&H

will be made available soon.

(sorry, no longer available)

Meditation for the Stuff that comes up in Daily Life
A Workshop: 2 Sundays (2-1/2 hrs each) - November 7th & 14th, 2004
Nov. 7th - "5 Min. CHILL" / Techniques for Recognizing, Releasing & Establishing a New Relationship with Mental Chatter or that (often judgmental) "Internal Talk" in the head (2 CDs)
Nov. 14th - 5 Min. CHILL" /New Ways of Working with Feeling States in the Body & exploring their relationship with "Internal Talk"
(as well as strategies for applying techniques in daily life) (2 CDs)

Interviews on KPFK
Steph was interviewed by Roy Tuckman on KPFK about her classes & support groups she leads.
And whatever else Roy thought to ask about. Live calls (Q&A) were also taken.
various interviews - 2004-2008

Meditation Techniques for Daily Life
A talk
given on August 23rd, 2003, sponsored by the Santa Monica Coop, which included a presentation of the basic concepts & premises of mindfulness meditation, and how thoughts & feelings come together to create discomfort -- with suggestions on how to dismantle that entanglement. Ends with questions & answers from the audience.

Introduction to Meditation
A 4 hour workshop,
presented on May 8, 2003, which includes 4-5 guided meditations, as well as presentation, discussion & Q&A about understanding & practicing mindfulness meditation.

Retreat Poems
Comic poems & pieces written at the end of meditation retreats (led by Shinzen Young, Steph's teacher)
from 1999-2004 in which Steph summaries, in verse & music, the experiences & teachings at that retreat.
These are sometimes played on KPFK (on "Something's Happening" with Roy of Hollywood.)

4 Guided Meditations
1. Healing/Metta/Loving Kindness
2. Tuning into Body Sensations
3. Distinguishing Feeling States
4. Working with Thought & Body Sensation