Stephanie Nash

(without links - 01/11/08)

Stephanie Nash
has a psychology degree from Duke University and a Masters from Yale University.  She teaches meditation in Santa Monica, and has been a facilitator with VSI/Shinzen for over 8 years (and recorded a good deal of his talks & guided meditations during that time.)
Stephanie sometimes leads the one-day meditation retreats VSI offers at the Santa Monica Zen Center each month (on the 4th Saturday) in addition to her private classes & workshops (which work with issues like: stress, spinning mind, pain, energy/pleasure, the craft of acting, and difficult relationships with food – i.e. Mindful Eating, among others.)  Steph also offers Introduction to Meditation classes and monthly ‘support your practice’ classes.
Stephanie has been interviewed 3 times on KPFK (90.7 FM) by Roy of Hollywood, who has also played on-air humorous poems she has written about Shinzen’s teachings – and she’s performed “A White Woman on the Red Road” (her show about her vision quest experience) live on KPFK (with Roy playing the sound effects.  Good times.)
Steph wrote the study-guide that accompanies Shinzen Young’s “Talks on Teaching” meditation tape series (for training meditation teachers) as well as the “Posture for Meditation” (aka “Posture-Pedia) article that is on Shinzen’s site and hers:

Steph is presently working on a book that will hopefully lead people to Shinzen’s teachings.