Strategic Mindfulness Coach & "Laughing Expert"

Duke, AB (psychology)
Yale School of Drama, MFA

20 years of experience





Deepok Chopra (new show)
Guest Expert

UCLA Innergy

Long Beach Meditation
Guest Teacher

Meditation & Contemplation
as Seeds of Peace Conference


Harvard Medical School
Participant in Meditator's Brain Study

Stanford Alumni Screenwriters

Buddhist Geeks Podcast

KPFK.FM Los Angeles
Interviewd 4 times

Against the Stream
Meditation Society
3-5 week Programs

Insight LA,
Guest Speaker

Whole Foods
& Santa Monica Co-op

STEPHANIE NASH has been teaching mindfulness meditation (including "Mindful Pleasure" workshops out of which the Laugh for Inner Fitness model arose) for 15 years. She has taught workshops, developed programs, and done a lot of public speaking on mindfulness & it's applications - inluding use of laughter.

With her MFA from the prestigious Yale School of Drama, she has not only worked professionally as an actress for 35 years, but is a highly respected acting teacher (25 years - including requiring all actors to be able to immediately laugh honestly) - as well as an Associate Professor at the Art Center College of Design (17 years), where she trains film directors to work with actors - as well as to act themeselves (to experientially understand the process.)

In 2010, Ms. Nash founded Mindfulness Arts of AIWP, a non-profit who's mission is to provide support for people to apply mindfulness practically in art & in life to increase satisfaction & fulfillment (& diminish suffering.) The website features many free, downloadable MP3s, articles and videos.

As a Strategic Mindfulness Coach, Stephanie maintains a private practice in Santa Monica. She offers "SUNDAY SESSIONS" twice a month (on a donation basis) on the 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month. And TELECONFERENCE (phone) meditation 1-2 times a month for people who live further away. And if you'd like to know about upcoming LAUGH for INNER FITNESS workshops - please sign up for email contact list.

Stephanie was recently asked to be a "guest expert" on an upcoming Deepok Chopra show where she taught aughing as a mindfulness & healing skill. Her LAUGHING MEDITATION workshops are quite popular and a recent youtube video of a short Laughing Meditation workshop has led to requests for her to teach in a variety of centers & situations.

Stephanie has been a GUEST TEACHER at other meditation centers, schools and for special events & conferences usually presenting mindfulness meditation but often also representing SHINZEN YOUNG's Basic Mindfulness System. Stephanie has substituted for Shinzen many times for his phone-based Basic Mindfulness phone retreats - and has also taught first-timers as well as her Laughing Meditation at Shinzen's residential retreats.

Stephanie has had the privilege of working closely with Shinzen Young and feels grateful to have been able to contribute to - and benefit from - his ever-developing teachings. She has been a facilitator with Vipassana Support International (VSI - founded by Shinzen) since 1999 and sometimes leads the one-day meditation retreats VSI offers at the Santa Monica Zen Center (now Against the Stream 1001a Colorado Ave) each month (on the 4th Saturday). 

Another popular workshop is Stephanie's "MINDFUL PLEASURE" which she has taught at Against the Stream, Insight LA, UCLA, and other venues. She is currently working on a program for hospice workers incorporating what she has developed teaching Mindful Pleasure.

Stephanie was recently interviewed for the BUDDHIST GEEK PODCAST (to talk about the parallels between acting & meditation) and has been INTERVIEWED several times on KPFK (90.7 FM) by Roy of Hollywood (discussing everything from eating meditation to how to cope with post-election despair.) Roy has also played on-air HUMOROUS POEMS Steph has written about Shinzen’s teachings – and, in addition, Stephanie has performed “A White Woman on the Red Road” (her show about her vision quest experience) live on KPFK.

Steph wrote the study-guide that accompanies Shinzen Young’s “Talks on Teaching” meditation tape series (for training meditation teachers) as well as the “Posture for Meditation” (aka “POSTURE-PEDIA) article that is also used on Shinzen’s site and by other meditation centers across the country. Stephanie will be doing more writing in this next year and her BLOG will begin to see more entries...soon!

Stephanie began interviewing Shinzen for radio - and later doing video interviews for Shinzen's YouTube channel that she created to spread his work. She has since then interviewed other teachers - with many soon-to-be posted videos on her own (Steph's) YOUTUBE CHANNEL. These YouTube channels have introduced thousands of people all over the world to the teachings of Shinzen, Leigh Brasington, Ken McLoud, Upasaka Culadasa & Patricia Sun.

For years, Stephanie created & led many MINDFUL EATING (later called CONSCIOUS EATING workshops where she helped participants tune into food & eating in a way that promotes richer fulfillment and less driven & unconscious behavior. For over a year, Stephanie co-led a "Mindful Eating Support Group" in Santa Monica which met weekly. She is presently writing a book based on what she learned doing all of this.

Stephanie Nash is known for her light easy touch, humor, and depth of experience which she offers in a fun & compassionate style.

Stephanie is always delighted to share the LAUGH for INNER FITNESS programs & techniques
that she has developed & is grateful to be able to offer something so fun & easy that is also so effective
for balancing the stressful world we live in - with more positive energy, openness and ease.