QUESTION: You mentioned your meditation group going to Disney hall. Is there a technique for listening mindfully?  My mind always wanders...

RESPONSE: OF COURSE there are techniques for listening mindfully, you silly goose. Haven’t you done music meditations with Shinzen?  ok....Not that I’m applying a technique the whole time, but....well, there’s actually probably some kind of awareness of TSSFIT all the time, can’t help that – but I’ll give you my music favorites:

(most all of these include ‘Sound” of course...)

1.  Flow in SIGHT (watching movement) - and holding with BODY (Touch & Feel) Flow – i.e.. you see the conductor do something dramatic and in a moment the sound hits your body and your feelings are affected - and watchng the movement/expansion/contraction of all that
2.  For me, I get all sorts of unrelated Talk & Feel – due to the fact that I used to be an oboe player – and a lot of huge mixed feelings around all of that – so I may work with having EQ with that and/or watching how it affects the soup
3.  Sometimes I just watch Feel flowing – the thrill, the heartbreak, the soothing, whatever.
4.  Sometimes I merge with the orchestra and/or conductor
5.  Sometimes I let my mind wander and  just notice where it goes (a teacher, Jason Siff, does nothing but that – he teaches no technique – just asks you to notice where your mind goes.  Good for insight, not a great concentration builder.)
6.  I’ll go back and forth between eyes open and eyes closed (as I do with eating) - noticing the impact of eyes open on the proceedings (and all the old oboe player stuff comes up in a big way with eyes open.)
7.  I might go back and forth be Sound and something else – i.e. Sight, feel, touch – allowing my awareness to expand out and then in and then out and then in
8.  and Zubin Mehta was his own meditation.  Watching that kind of greatness on every level – as a conductor, as  a person – has as much affect as any sound.

You probably already do all these, but this is just what pops to mind at the speed I type.

Give 'em a shot.
or just enjoy the music.